Empire Market – what is it, benefits and features.

This article has its goal to reveal all of the features of the brand-new prosperous markets, such as Empire Market, which will be described and analyzed thoroughly, it’s security, interface features will be covered, as well as presented production variety and used cryptocurrencies.
Let me catch a short sight of that particular market: since its activity history does not count a decade or less, still it is believed to be prospected and successful though. Nevertheless, don’t you try to study its functionality comparing to other markets, as we can’t predict this market’s future due to its newborn emergence.


As a lately uprising brand, Empire Market is often referred as to a rightful successor of the previous, wide known Omega Bay market – it was created by the same organization.
During that “reincarnation”, that particular organization has decided to act that way: to honor the name of Alexandar Cage, who created the legendary Alphabay market (which is shutdown now), former OmegaBay team included Alphabay’s design and site’s architecture in their new brainchild.
Recommended Points for Everyone:
– Dream market exploration is not illegal even you will not involve any illegal activity like buying or selling drugs or any other illegal products. Some states’ law enforcing agencies may count your deepweb activity, including surfing on the darknet markets as breaking state’s local law – especially it may occur if you had any trade experience there.
– Based on the foregoing, you are warned that this article was made solely for educational cases; we strictly advise you not to buy or to sell on darknet markets since it may provoke lots of troubles.
– It’s security preferences are ought to be leveled out for the “safest” parameter, as well as Javascript has to be disabled.
– In case you want to get your delivery, it is strongly restricted for you to point out your personal data, the final destination of desired product has to arrive at those places, where no supervision is presented. The more anonymous you will be, the less chances are to be caught.  
– And the last: upon signing up to a market, the best way to secure your funds and data is to use 2-FA feature. Furthermore, by going to untrusted Tor URLs, you’re straightforwardly setting yourself into a danger to be scammed – always check for validated hyperlinks. Concerning the Empire Market, below I state some of the verified onion links to it, some of they may be out of date – then you are provided to use this site to get some fresh URLs:

What are the rules and directions to access Empire Market?
Actually, you are granted not to pay any money or be an exclusive guest to register on that marketplace, moreover it will take a bit of your time. The solely needed to input is your sacred password & login, six-numbered withdrawal pin, and that’s it. No personal data required, for sure, nonetheless the more security features you’re about to follow, the more defended you will be. Empire Market registrations are free and open for everyone.

What difficulties could be met at Empire?
It is a common image of a darknet user: either he’s a advanced hacker, writing thousands of codes every day, nor he’s an anonymous expert, more silent that a cat. Is it so?
For sure, it is not! To access Empire Market, no qualification or skills are required, even your grandma can do that with the only use of a PC and internet connection. Eminently, you are not required to read that if you’ve already done a trade on deepweb markets.
First of all Let me show you its interface:

Here you can see that the items from the center of the screen lead out of the chosen category, which you can select between at the left. Now let’s try to go ahead over any of these items:

What instantly shows up simply is a filter-addressed information, just like the cost of a product, from and to where it ships and so on. Let’s now talk about how to get or sell these items.
How to pass vendor sign-up
To proceed as a dealer, first requirement you’re obligatory to follow is to register a normal account, which was highlighted at the beginning of this article.
After that step, just press on “Become a Vendor” dial, located at the top of the face page – shortly you are redirected to input some information in order to become a vendor. Once done, the anti-scamming security policy takes it’s place: in order to get rid of exit-scamming, market’s administration locks up your 100 USD deposit, which can be refunded as soon as you’re about to seize or abandon your trade activity.
You also can avoid this procedure by providing proof, meaning you are not obligated to give in any fund in case you are a reputed salesman of any other established deepweb marketplace.

What produce for sale is provided on Empire?
Imagine you are in your neighboring store – and suddenly you want to buy a glock or cocaine – is that even possible? Well, it is not at the “surface”, but it so in the “deep” – so there you can seek for any type of illegal produce like drugs, weapon, hitman or hacker services etc.
To discover the amount and variety of present products, you have to follow to any of the categories, located at the left of the website (as it was mentioned before). Overall, more than 4k items are presented on the market, most part of it takes the Drugs category, and the list of categories continues accordingly to its selling volume: Fraud, Digital Goods, Jewelry, Weapons and so on.
What is banned
Luckily no services, strongly restricted in nowadays society are provided. Those, for example, are CP, any service that may hurt other people (Hitman/Murder services) and prostitution, except the porn films that were recorded in according with the state’s local laws.
Speaking of built-in security measures
In order to defend its users, Empire Market’s administration steadily advises to handle the PGP keys: what they allow is that all of your chatting or messaging data between two vendee and vendor sides is encrypted, including your personal data.
    In addition to PGP, 2-FA (which stands for Two-Factor Authorization) option lets you to secure your account data in case of hacker attacks or any unpleased influence.
    Speaking of mentioned 6-numbered PIN that you pointed out at registration, it is made to secure your withdrawals – any time nonauthorized person tries to steal or to transfer your money, he’s mandatory to enter that PIN.
    As a reputed and established marketplace, since its beginning Empire had a built-in Escrow feature – which simply means that a third-party (most of the times it is market’s administration) supervises transaction process, which has to be proved by making a finalization of a delivery – which is done by a buyer himself. During that supervision, buyer’s money is locked between two sides of a deal, and everything went good, vendor gets that locked money. Empire Market also supports 2 of 3 Multisig – that function sets up an additional supervisor, and his approval is also needed to ensure that the deal was fortunate.
    Besides the deposit, another anti-scamming function relies in vendors’ information, such as their overall amount and dated history of successful transactions, feedback, reviews and any disputes occurred within.
    Mentioning some especial security features, the “Login Phrase” has to be brought on; this is a phrase, that pops-up anytime you try to sign in – if it doesn’t pop-up, then it means that you’re on a phishing webpage, provided by fake URL by scammers!
About Search Performance efficiency
Every darknet market has its own search filtering process, moreover the better it is programmed the more relevant are customers’ requests hence marketplaces are bothering how to increase their search system efficiency. Therefore, Empire Market’s search tools are presented at the bottom left:

As you can see, provided filtering options are quite diverse, all of that made to search for desired product in a more accurate way. Those are:
    Type of a desired produce
    From where it has to be produced
    Availability to deliver it to your exact destination
    Refunding options
    Accepted cryptos
    Vendor’s reputation

Provided search methods should entirely cover your specifications, don’t bother to use it altogether.
About Cash-out and Refunding methodsWhat produce for sale is provided on Empire?
Let’s now speak of cryptocurrencies accepted and used to make transactions (as for now, the number of cryptos may grow or decrease).
At the present moment, Empire welcomes BTC, Monero and LTC to be used – therefore I have to note, that this diversity may lead to different payment options of dealers, meaning that you solely have to filter out cryptocurrency accepted to buy.
Regardless of its comparably recent emergency, Empire Market has succeeded to attract lots of vendees and vendors already, it’s security and amount of traded goods is widely known across all of the deepnet community. And that took about a year since establishment!
But as I’ve already told, we can’t make any judges on it nor predict it’s future alternations/directions. As for now, Empire looks quite flourishing, traders from there respond in a positive way.
Feel free to comment and give your personal opinion about Empire Market functionality, any kind of feedback will benefit.